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Silent Hill 2 Ost True

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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I love this track, it's from a great mysterious and suspenseful game called Silent Hill 2, I dare you to play the Silent Hill franchise if you are a horror fan! This track was created by Akira Yamaoka, a genius in music. A great track to listen to when you feel down or glum, it immerses you into a whole new unfathomable Enjoy. [Gryffindor_TEN_POINT] original from Silent hill 2 OST by Akira Yamaoka Everything Akira makes is gold. another awsome song
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Song Name Size listen DLlink
(1)# Silent Hill 2 OST - True (Room 312 Music) mp3 Updated 43 hours ago
2.85 MB
(2)# Mp3 Updated 30 hours ago
8.6 MB
(3)# Silent Hill 2 OST - True mp3 Updated 87 hours ago
2.85 MB
(4)# [Gryffindor_TEN_POINT]Silent Hill 2 OST - True mp3 Updated 78 hours ago
2.85 MB
(5)# ReSampled — Silent Hill 2 OST: True (Akira Yamaoka cover) mp3 Updated 69 hours ago
5.67 MB
(6)# Silent Hill 2 OST - "True" / covered by B5NG mp3 Updated 30 hours ago
2.91 MB
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