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Stand Amid The Roar

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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Debut song from Silverstein's 7th studio album, "This is How the Wind Shifts". (Available February 5, 2013) Originally by Silverstein Sunny Rathor on guitars Demos for Soundiron's fun little Olympus Mike-Ro Solo Tenor library. Experience part of our R&D process as trained-monkey Mike Peaslee belts out 2 improvised Latin chants and 3 Slavonic polysustains to match those in our Olympus Choir Collection. Only $ available now! Hey Guys! Welcome to our BRAND NEW PODCAST: Amid the Roar! We're your hosts,
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(1)# Stand Amid the Roar mp3 Updated 70 hours ago
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(2)# Mp3 Updated 36 hours ago
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(3)# Silverstein-Stand Amid the Roar (Lunifien Bootleg) 50 likes and I'll up the DL limit mp3 Updated 66 hours ago
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(4)# Stand Amid The Roar cover (Take 2) mp3 Updated 40 hours ago
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(5)# Stand amid the roar mp3 Updated 69 hours ago
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(6)# Charlatan - Stand Amid The Roar (Silverstein Cover) mp3 Updated 80 hours ago
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